Interchange Control Header

Interchange Control Header - ISA Segment

ISA*00*          *00*          *ZZ*8008675309     *01*800123456      *180101*0800*^*00501*000001234*0*P*>

The purpose of this segment is to identify the sender and receiver. Also it identifies date, time and control number information.

ISA-01 through ISA-04: In the example above, ISA-01 through ISA-04 are not being used. These elements are rarely used anymore. That is why they are 00 and null. They used to be used for authorization in the past.

ISA-05 and ISA-06: These segments represent the sender qualifier and the sender ID. In the data segment above ISA-05 has a qualifier of ZZ. This example qualifier means the SenderID will follow. ISA-06 has the actual ID.

ISA-07 and ISA-08: These segments represent the receiver qualifier and the receiver ID. In the example above ISA-07 has a qualifier of 01. This qualifier means the ReceiverID will follow.

ISA-09 and ISA-10: ISA-09 is the interchange date in YYMMDD format. ISA-10 is the time in HHMM format. This transmission was sent on January, 1st 2018 at 08:00

ISA-11: is a repetition separator. It is used to separate repeated occurrences of a simple data element or a composite data structure. For example, a pipe character (I).

ISA-12: This is the EDI standard published version number. In the example above it is 00501;

ISA-13: This is a 9 digit control number used for tracking purposes. This number must match IEA-02 (Interchange Envelope Trailer). This number should be unique. The number should not be re-used for at least 3 years. If this number doesn’t match the file will be not be allowed through the payers system.

ISA-14: This is used mainly for reporting the status of processing a received interchange header and trailer or the non-delivery by a network provider. Usually this will be set to ‘0’ value. However, some payers send these back as part of their acknowledgement process. The payers companion guide will indicate if the TA1 is being used or not.

ISA-15: This indicates whether data enclosed by this interchange envelope is test ‘T’, production ‘P’ or information ‘I’. In the example above it is ‘P’ Note: Make sure to reference your companion document in the state your working on. Some states including Texas want this value to always be a P.

ISA-16: This field provides the delimiter. It is used to separate component data elements within a composite data structure. The value must be different than the data element separator and the segment terminator